Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Total Eclipse Of The Economy & Good Old Fashion Witch Hunt by Martin A. Armstrong (MUST READ!)

As we approach 2011, the world economy is in the worse possible shape it could be in. Everything is posturing for a very major turn that is such a rarity, the total eclipse of the Moon is about on par for the cyclical change we now face. THIS IS THE COLLAPSE OF SOCIALISM/MARXISM and anyone who thinks this is just a plain old recession, had better look behind the very thick curtain. We have gold reaching the top of that channel in the mid 1400 range, the Dow Jones rallying instead of declining, interest rates rising after the launching of QE2, and we have throughout both Eastern and Western Europe, some over unemployment student uprisings throughout both Eastern and Western Europe, some over unemployment as in Tunisa, others rioting about cuts in social benefits as in London and Rome, as Hungary passes legislation to silence the press that is no different than in the USA that does the same thing quietly with phone calls. Yet, as we watch the rare event of a TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Moon, in ancient times, this would be an omen of bad things to come just as the comet that light the sky foretold the death of Julius Ceasar in 44BC. By the augurs of Ancient or Middle Ages, we should have a good old fashion witch-hunt by now. Oh that's right! The SEC and Justice Department are doing that. They are charging everyone they can that had nothing to do with the economic decline so they can pretend to be prosecuting somebody. But that is what witch-hunts are all about. It is about God, Justice, and the American Way with a side-dish of apple pie. It's just about bullshitting the people to take their attention off the real culprits. Yet no matter what they do or say, the FREE MARKETS will still tell the truth and are warning that we are facing a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!

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