Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CFTC’s Chilton Proposes Position Tracking, but Not Hard Limit on Commodities

JP Morgan puts a gun to Gary Gensler’s head effectively outlawing distributed capitalism, leaving only concentrated oligarchial kleptism* in its place masked as ‘free markets’ by algorithmic bots programmed to simulate price discovery

Kleptism: An economic system run by and for kleptocrats. Example, Wall St. and the City of London

CFTC’s Chilton Proposes Position Tracking, but Not Hard Limit on Commodities

Bart Chilton, CFTC,

The operative word in this article is ‘RIPEN”….. this STINKS to high heaven. As example, just look at how the silver market was manipulated today….. it is obvious even to a little country doctor. There is NO compromise between food ( aka free markets) and poison (aka manipulation of markets)…… it appears you have CAVED IN and have made the same choice as those on The CFTC who are protectors of the thugs that are manipulating the markets….. the poison of manipulation. What about all of your talk about “it is the duty of The CFTC to enforce the law by January 17,2011.” ?

This continues to be ” a crime in progress”. Another Sixty day public comment period….. when you have thousands of comments ALREADY submitted by the public….. are you kidding? Ted Butler has given you 25 YEARS of evidence of pure CRIMINAL manipulation. If this article is accurate….. you have let EVERY American down. You could have been the modern day equivalent of Paul Revere….. instead, it appears, you have chosen to be more like Bennedict Arnold. This is shameful !


MK: With Goldman, JPM, and BoA now firmly back in the kleptocratic driving seat; Goldman openly breaking the law with its facebook offering, JPM openly breaking the law violating position limits (see above) and and BoA openly breaking the law committing accounting fraud, along with FNM – how much longer before primary dealer Cantor Fitzgerald (of 9/11 fame) tries to relaunch Cantor Exchange and box office futures? My guess is that they will pass the ball to another Wall St. shyster (for a cut) who will use some lobbying leverage to bypass the recent MPAA-written bill that killed box office futures last year. This will be sold to Congress as urgently necessary since box office was down sharply last year – and it will be argued that trading box office futures will revive the industry and ‘create jobs.’ The truth is, now that the carcass of Hollywood is bleeding on the P2P street, the jackals want to squeeze a few last pennies from the corpse before burying it along with the many other businesses in America that have been shredded by rapacious psychopaths on Wall St.

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