Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gold and Silver Rise In Price Open Interest Rises - Harvey Organ's Gold & Silver Daily Report

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
gold and silver rise in price open interest rises:

This will be short as my computer has been compromised.

I will just discuss the comex trading for today:

The total gold comex interest rose 2039 contracts to 592,817 from 590,817. The January open interest rose from 50 to 128. The front delivery month of February saw its open interest fall marginally from 277,338 to 269,770. The estimated volume for today was a rather high 188,481. The confirmed volume for friday was 230,606.

The silver comex OI rose by 1048 contracts from 135,881 to 136,929. The front January options expiry month saw its OI rise from 34 to 59. The front delivery month of Maarch was its OI rise from 73,626 to 75,575 which really shook our bankers.

The estimated volume for today was 56,551. The confirmed volume for Friday was 81,402.

There were 113 notices served for gold. The total number of notices served thus far this month total 593.

In silver, the total number of notices served equates to 28 and the total number so far this month total 431.

In gold the total number of gold oz standing in this delivery month is as follows:

59300 oz (already served) + 1500 oz (to be served) = 60,800 oz The number of gold oz standing is rising.

In silver: the total number of silver oz standing:

2,155,000 + 155,000 oz = 2,310,000 oz. Again this number is rising.

as for inventory movements;

In silver. the customer received 599,154 oz. but also withdrew 263,994. The dealer received 381,803 oz. The chaos in the silver comex continues.

In gold: the customer received 67,108 oz and withdrew 129 oz.

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