Friday, January 14, 2011

King World News New Interviews + Weekly Metals Wrap

FOOD RIOTS, CURRENCY DEBASEMENT & MORE - Art Cashin: Dir. of Floor Ops. UBS Financial Services & CNBC Market Commentator - Art’s been on Wall Street for over 40 years, he offers valuable insight to both investors and traders. When he started in the industry, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was actually in the 700-800 range. He shares his analysis and gives the pulse of the market from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Art is one of the most respected people in the world regarding analysis of the...

: CEO & Co-Founder of Hinde Capital - Rising star Ben Davies gives an excellent interview on the recent troubles in Europe and gives KWN listeners a sneak peak of what he expects for gold going forward. Ben also discusses his upcoming piece in more detail. Davies ran trading for RBS Greenwich Capital in London where he managed a macro portfolio. Ben Davies and Mark Mahaffey, former colleagues from RBS Greenwich Capital, established Hinde Capital in early 2007, primarily to focus on the precious metals and the commodity sector.

The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap
- We have added new segments to the KWN Weekly Metals Wrap covering gold, silver, trading and a plethora of other factors affecting the precious metals markets. I am giving King World News listeners globally access to what has long been my secret weapons in researching where gold and silver are headed directionally along with the COT Report. We Cover the Commitment of Traders Report in detail as well as a number of other factors which can influence the gold and silver market price action

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