Monday, January 17, 2011

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Ben Davies - Fears: Social, Economic & Financial Eventualities
January 18, 2011
With the financial world seemingly lurching from one crisis to another, Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital eximanines his “fears” about social, economic and financial eventualities. This is a portion of a brand new 45 page report from Hinde Capital titled, “None Shall Sleep.”

To Read more please Click Here on Hinde Capital’s Latest HindeSight Letter discussing events for 2011.

Richard Russell - Gold Bull is Angry, Shaking Off Late-Comers

January 17, 2011
With gold and silver weaker in overnight trading, Richard Russell recently commented, “I keep wondering if we're now in the "scary correction" phase of the gold bull market. This is the juncture where gold scares hell out of everybody, prior to its final speculative phase. The gold bull is angry,...

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